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Thanks for visiting Tunesmith Solutions – an online store dedicated to selling the original compositions of Greg Peterson.


Here you’ll find music for a wide range of ensembles and standards, with new titles being added all the time.

For the adventurous conductor or performer, several compositions can integrate audio and video as background elements. Please contact Greg directly if you would like to explore this option.

Not a musician? Not looking to buy music today? No problems! This online store has been designed for a broad range of users – think of it not just as a shop for conductors and instrumentalists; but also as an art gallery with music, or a concert with pictures.


Travel and coffee are two of Greg's favourite things besides music. Not only does each sale help him to write more music, it also enables him to drink coffee all over the world. Unfortunately, when works are shared around without the appropriate payment, it infringes copyright, and composers receive no financial reward for hours of hard work.

Greg is very keen to engage with you and and your ensembles throughout all stages of the performance process; and where possible, he will make himself available to attend rehearsals and performances. Feel free to contact Greg and he will be glad to connect with you.

Thanks for supporting new Australian music, and please enjoy the compositions on offer!

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