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Valen - Professional Vocalist (17 Aug 21)

The song "The Things I Left Behind" is good in every way! The melodic line is perfectly combined with the semantic passages of the lyrics. The arrangement has a technically complex, but very interesting development and modulations: the subtly changing mood of the chord harmony perfectly emphasizes the lyricism and drama of the development of the song's plot.


This song is beautiful not only as an element of a musical (for which it is perfectly suitable) but also just as a very beautiful and expressive song. This is a real art! I am glad to be involved in this!

Evangeline W. - Freelance Music Reviewer (31 July, 2021)
The monumental historical musical Pioneers from Rob Martin and Greg Peterson showcases what it means to demonstrate musical diversity…


Pioneers is a must see and listen experience for fans of theatrical performances with an intricate storyline and intersecting characters to create an entire atmosphere.

Whether you're an expert in Broadway theater or simply enjoy showtunes, there is something for everyone with Pioneers. It is up to the viewer and listener to explore the emotions and dynamics within the cast of characters and reach into their own hearts to feel each emotion through song. Even early on, duets such as "Til Death Do Us Part" are sure to make the audience anticipate the relationship dynamics between each individual.

As the show progresses, so does the mood and atmosphere of the performance. "Oh God, Give Me Strength" is a powerhouse ballad with other renditions such as "Old Salt's Reel" performed as a collective medley for a joyous song with meaning in between the musical acts. Pioneers is a musical that deserves more critical appraise and a wider audience with undeniable dedication to the art of theater and the magic of storytelling.

Lee Callaghan - Evolution Music Press (29 July, 2021)
With the highly anticipated release of the musical Pioneers, fans of Cabaret-style musicals will be entertained and challenged by the recurring social themes present throughout.

The soft, majestic piano accompaniment on "‘Til Death Do Us Part," allows the vocals to soar in a magnanimous way which leaves the listener breathless, while the up-tempo cabaret of "No Matter What it Takes" gives the audience the light-hearted musical approach which makes Pioneers so enjoyable.

Social themes presented throughout Pioneers are put in the forefront as Greg Peterson chooses to present these challenging themes. The primary example of this is the extremely powerful performance on "Between Two Worlds." Presented as a reflection of a minority arriving in a new environment on 1832, the clever lyrics reflect social challenges still present today. These symbols of racial inequality were ever-present in the setting of Pioneers as they are today, however, Greg Peterson uses this platform to offer a light at the end of the tunnel as the narrative offers redemption and freedom of these conditions.

Set to release in 2022, Pioneers is the result of over twenty years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Combined with the dedication of the cast, and the accompanists, Pioneers is poised to open with rave reviews and box-office success. The soundtrack to this captivating musical is well-placed, strengthened by Greg Peterson’s vast musical experience to add the right emotion musically in the narrative. The use of humor when called for is contrasted effectively by the ability to pull at the heartstrings when needed to tell a magnificent story all in a Cabaret fitting the sentiment of today’s world.

Ella Glasgow - Vocalist "Between Two Worlds" (10 June, 2021)

I really loved working on this song for Greg. From the moment I first heard the demo track and read the sheet music, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to be a part of this beautifully haunting and powerful piece. It was so much fun diving into the character of this new piece and exploring her background to create a character for her. I am honored that Greg asked me to help him bring this character to life and I'm looking forward to seeing how this musical continues to grow.

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