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Greg Peterson is an awarded composer of major works for large ensembles, chamber groups, unaccompanied soloists, music theatre, and cabaret.

His music has been performed and recorded by professional, and community ensembles throughout Australia and also overseas. Of note, his original works for Flute have been approved for performance in AMEB exams up to LMusA.

Greg’s music has been described as “…quite interesting and very creative. His writing style is equally excellent for all the different kinds of ensembles” (Jerry Nowak - prolific composer/arranger and educator); “…a songbook of significant talent…a brilliantly orchestrated Broadway number” (Narelle Wood - Theatre Press). Recordings of his music have been reviewed as a “must-have for all military band lovers” (Dr. Tommy Tycho, AM, MBE).

Greg’s “sound” is inspired by a deep appreciation for the classic film scores from the golden age of Hollywood (Henry Mancini, Bernard Herrmann), and the modern giants of screen music (John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith). The unbridled “heart-on-your-sleeve” thrill of music theatre and cabaret influences his theatre music; and his use of instrumental colour is inspired the the virtuosity of composers such as Maurice Ravel and Ottorino Respighi.

His compositional process often breaks free of traditional structures into a steam of consciousness style of writing, which results in music that sounds both “in the moment” and complete all at the same time.

With every piece Greg composes, his goal is to create music that is rewarding for musicians to play and study; as well as leaving behind a musical question mark which draws performers and audiences back for a second visit.

Feel free to head over to Greg's store where you can have a look and a listen to some of his works. Several of his works have enjoyed live studio recordings from a talented international roster of orchestras, multi-instrumentalists, and soloists.

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