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With works performed in New York's Carnegie Hall, Greg's arrangements have been performed by a wide variety of professional and amateur ensembles. He has arranged for events such as the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, and for artists such as Silvie Paladino, Guy Sebastian and Geoffrey Payne.

Several arrangements have been performed on tours throughout the United States, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and the South Pacific.  His work has also been heard at various corporate, vice regal, ceremonial and memorial occasions, with some broadcasted on national television and radio.  

Significant highlights have included arranging national anthems for world, and religious leaders, such as the National Anthem of the Vatican City for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.


Greg has also been co-arranger for marching band demonstrations that have been performed for King George Tupou V in the Kingdom of Tonga, and major international tattoos in Scotland, Japan and Switzerland.


A major highlight was having several thousand people singing along to his arrangement of "Waltzing Matilda" in Gallipoli, Turkey, as part of ANZAC Day in 2009.

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